About Us


We believe that quality education is the catalyst to alleviating poverty in developing nations. Our mission is to improve access to quality education in East Africa.


We envision a world where access to quality education is universal.

Our Story

Dreaming For Kids was founded to make an impact on the lives of underprivileged kids in Africa. The reality for many children in East Africa is that opportunities to further their education are few, especially beyond primary school.

In 2014 we launched the Dreaming For Kids Secondary School Sponsorship Program. We are proud to have already sent nine graduates of Good Hope Orphanage and Primary School to Secondary School. Students attend two different schools, Edmund Rice Secondary and Northern Highlands Boarding School. Edmund Rice serves all of our students from Form 1-4 and runs from January to December while Northern Highlands provides Form 5 & 6 to Amiri and Swaif and runs through July - June. Northern Highlands provides Form 5 & 6 to Amiri and Swaif and runs through July - June.

We are excited to take our sponsorship program to other communities in Eastern Africa in 2021. Stay tuned for more updates and how you can continue to support us.

9 Students Enrolled

7 kids in A level (three kids graduating this year). 2 students graduated O level schooling (Form 1-4).

$60,000+ Donations Raised by Our Volunteers

Volunteer run since 2013 we've raised over $60k through events, tax deductable donation, and fundraising.

32 Years of Secondary Education Provided

We aspire to improve access to secondary education by providing secondary school sponsorships

Who We Are

We're Dreaming For Kids, a volunteer run, registered Canadian charity.

Cari Minogue

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Eric J Dunn

Director of Communications

Tarek Kassem

Chief Financial Officer

Talia Mohns

Co-Founder & Director

Dave Haslett

Copy Editor

Our team is made up of old friends, travel companions, and aspiring experts in their field.

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Tuition Gives Kids a Better Chance

Every dollar we raise goes to support providing tuition and education to students in Tanzania.

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