Support play, support education

"At school I play football on the girls team. We share ideas. We study together, and help each other with school."

Prisca age 18, form 4, Edmund Rice Secondary School

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Photograph of Prisca age 18, form 4, Edmund Rice Secondary School

Education alone isn't enough

Kids who get a chance to play do better in school

Students who join clubs and play sports get higher grades, enjoy school more, and have higher self esteem.

Extracurricular activities increase health and happiness, but some schools in East Africa emphasise education at the expense of sports, arts, and socializing.

Being active mitigates the risks of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, which are higher in sub-Saharan Africa.

“I like playing games. I like playin foot ball. I can run more than 200 metres in one minute”

Aloisi (Eliatoshia), Form 3 at Edmund Rice Secondary

Participating in clubs, groups, and teams doesn't just keep students happy and healthy:

it also improves academic performance and helps students achieve their career goals.

Dreaming For Kids supports extracurricular activities like the soccer team, the girls’ club, the journalism club, the peace academic club, and more.

Photograph of Prisca age 18, form 4, Edmund Rice Secondary School

Support kids like Prisca

Prisca wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Prisca is very smart and graduated Good Hope Primary school at the top of her class. She enjoys learning new things and loves going to school. Priscas favourite subjects are English and math, and she is in a girls club this year. She is also part of the school football team and enjoys it very much.

Prisca is very competitive and loves to play sports with her friends, Aloisi and Janeth.

#9daysofplay FAQ

What is the #9daysofplay challenge?

The #9daysofplay challenge is a nine-day photo challenge encouraging participants to get outside and do something active for nine consecutive days. Participants involved can share their daily activities with the #9daysofplay hashtag and challenge their friends to do the same. Any outdoor activity is welcome, as long as it’s outside and fun!

Who started the #9daysofplay challenge?

#9daysofplay was created and launched by Dreaming For Kids, a registered Canadian charity that promotes health and education to kids in need in Eastern Africa. The #9daysofplay challenge was inspired by the kids, their love of play outside, and the added value to health and education from outdoor activities.

Why did Dreaming For Kids create the #9daysofplay challenge?

Dreaming For Kids has found, through research and interviews with our sponsored kids, that play is an essential part of childhood education, development, and health. Our goal for the #9daysofplay challenge is to raise awareness regarding the benefits of play for kids in school, as well as to the way’s donors make an impact on kids’ education. We chose 9 days because we have been raising money for kids in East Africa for 9 years, and this year we had 9 kids enrolled in school! 9 years, 9 kids, 9 days of play.

How can I support Dreaming For Kids and the #9daysofplay challenge?

By landing on this page, you’ve already started making an impact. Thank you for taking time to learn about #9daysofplay and Dreaming For Kids. If you would like to further get involved, we would like to challenge you to #9daysofplay. Simply get outside every day for 9 days, do something active, take a photo, and share it to social media with the hashtag #9daysofplay and tag @dreamingforkids.

You can also give the gift of play to a child in need by making a donation equivalent to a new pair of shoes, $20. Our goal is to raise $1000, one year of school tuition, before the end of the year.

When did the #9daysofplay challenge start?

Dreaming For Kids launched the #9daysofplay challenge on International Children’s Day, November 20, 2020.

Our Story

In 2014 we launched the Dreaming For Kids Secondary School Sponsorship Program.

9 Students Enrolled

7 kids in A level (three kids graduating this year). 2 students graduated O level schooling (Form 1-4).

$60,000+ Donations Raised by Our Volunteers

Volunteer run since 2013 we've raised over $60k through events, tax deductable donation, and fundraising.

32 Years of Secondary Education Provided

We aspire to improve access to secondary education by providing secondary school sponsorships