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"It really makes me so excited. I didn't expect you to support me in my education, so it's just like a dream."

Janeth age 18, form 4, Edmund Rice Secondary School

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Photograph of Janeth age 18, form 4, Edmund Rice Secondary School

For a better education

Tuition-supported education ensures higher-quality education

As of 2015 public secondary education is technically free in Tanzania.

However, the quality is often low due to high student-to-teacher ratios, under-qualified teachers, and limited materials.

The most qualified teachers in Tanzania prefer to work in urban centres and often for private schools.

As a result, students in cities get better education and outperform those in the countryside.

Students who live in urban centres are 7 times more likely to attend secondary school than those in rural areas.

Dreaming For Kids gives mostly rural, underprivileged students a better chance to succeed by sending them to private secondary schools in urban centres.

Photograph of Janeth age 18, form 4, Edmund Rice Secondary School

Support kids like Janeth

Janeth wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Janeth is a hard worker and her best subjects are English and math. She enjoys an English academic club and a girls social club.

Janeth likes to play music and swim. She also enjoys prayer and reflection. She is a very kind and caring person and is always looking out for others, placing them before herself.

Our Story

In 2014 we launched the Dreaming For Kids Secondary School Sponsorship Program.

9 Students Enrolled

7 kids in A level (three kids graduating this year). 2 students graduated O level schooling (Form 1-4).

$60,000+ Donations Raised by Our Volunteers

Volunteer run since 2013 we've raised over $60k through events, tax deductable donation, and fundraising.

32 Years of Secondary Education Provided

We aspire to improve access to secondary education by providing secondary school sponsorships